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Featured Stars

We provide a wide variety of honest promotional services. 

About Our Award Winning Blog

Featured Stars Music Blog Is the most sought after Blog by Independent artist's and home to several well known Stars.

We've featured some of the most talented musicians in the business.

Our featured artists have encountered many opportunities by just gracing our blog. Some of our artists have gained Verification, appeared on Ted Talks, Received Acting Roles, Joined Bands, Opened for Famous Artists, and have been Signed to Major Labels.

We have had the pleasure of Featuring several well known artists through the years and are still approached by their managers today. We have featured an amazing array of famous artists such as the legendary Dionne Warwick, the Aussie beauty Kylie Minogue, the billboard heavy weight Halsey, Actor and Armenian Rapper Nazo Bravo, the EASY going artist CAYE, and the Bass Down Low hitmaker DEV.

We have many more artists to come and are eager to share the cream of the crop with our 5 million+ readers.

Featured Stars VIP Membership

Join Our VIP Membership

With your Annual VIP Membership you will receive:
  • VIP status which will provide you with free merch that has your photo & artist name
  • Automatic 50% off some of our services
  • Huge Permanent Press Blast on Medium, Featured Stars Celebrity Blog, Pulse, SkyRock, Yola, Zen, Telegraph, Blogger, Tumblr, and beBee. 
  • Instant entry into our Featured Stars Spotify Podcast 
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  • 6 Promotional Videos using your music spread out amongst the year
  • 6 Promotional posters posted to our top social sites periodically
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  • 1 Lyric Video using your song with animations
  • Shout outs on our sites periodically (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Bing Bing, PaperLi, and more.
  • Your photo with link to your music site added to our website (Here)
  • Family member discounts your talented siblings, cousins, uncles, etc. get instant 25% discount on all of our services (limited to 3 family members must provide proof of identity and must have music on Apple minimum)
  • Email list of 1 million active music lovers to send your music links
  • Zip file of hundreds of free beats and sounds totally legal
  • 6 Songs added to our 4 verified and curated playlists for a full year
  • 10 Spotify playlist curators email addresses for you to request your song placement (Be respectful only send one email per and 1 song)
  • 10 dollars off graphics and intro's (Referral)
  • Automatic entry into Featured Stars VIP group on Instagram where you will receive genuine interactions on your posts
  • We pitch 1 song to major industry label (Approval not guaranteed)
  • 1 Free album cover creation by our Affiliate Inky Pinky Design
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  • Customized and uniquely written press kit by our Featured Stars Team
  • Reviews and constructive feed back on music 
  • Tips and tricks for VIP members only (Discord)
*To become a VIP member you must fill out a request form, if accepted you may make your payment of 1 year in full and start receiving your benefits*
Our Stars


The many well know faces of Featured Stars Music Blog

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Our Promotional Services

We provide honest promotional services to help you receive authentic engagement.

Blog Features:

Wordpress, Medium, Skyrock, Blogger, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Weebly, beBee, Buzzfeed, Pulse, Telegraph, & more to come.

Promotional Accounts:

15 Instagram Accounts, 4 Twitter Accounts, 25+ Twitter Lists, 1 Facebook Page, 3 Facebook Groups, Pinterest, YouTube, Tik Tok, & more on the way.


We offer referrals where you can receive a discount on third party services that Featured Stars trusts.

Other Services:

Promotional Posters, Spotify Canvas Videos, Intro Videos, Album Cover Art, Logo Design, Swivel Videos, Lyric Clip Videos, Full Lyric Videos, *Playlist Placements (Free with any purchase), Social Site Revamp, Lyric Writing, Press Kit or Biography Writing, Social Site Creation, Google Knowledge Panel Help, Management, Story Shouts, Music Distribution, Magazine cover + 2 page Written story, & much more. 


Payments are due upfront any changes to your blog features, social posts, or videos may carry an extra charge for the time it involves.
Artists are subject to denial if they do not meet the requirements of having a fully completed professional press kit/3 paragraph bio, clear large useable photos, links to their music, and completed professional looking social sites and websites.

We take the time to make you look good so make us look good for choosing you!

About Featured Stars CEO:

Jacqueline Williams also known as Recording Artist Fancy J London, started Featured Stars in 2014 by 2017 it started to rise in popularity after 3 years of hard work and dedication.

Jacqueline noticed how hard it was to find honest promotion so she decided to do it herself. Many artists approached her asking her how she was reaching her audience, at that point is when she made the choice to open Featured Stars to the public.

"I hate the scams, lies, and dishonesty. I grew so tired of watching this happen to so many people including myself. I knew I could help but it wasn't going to be easy as I had a lot on my plate already. I can say today I am so happy I stuck with it. Looking back I just wish I would have had this idea a lot sooner." - Jacqueline Williams CEO & Founder of Featured Stars

Our Partners and Affiliates

We only work with the most trust worthy of partners and affiliates in the music business.